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UK legislation situation is a bit clearer for now- but just a bit!

The dissolution of the UK Parliament on 30th May '24 resulted in the fall of the UK Data Protection and Digital Information (DPID) Bill and removed corresponding uncertainty in the UK legislative situation and concerns with divergence from EU regulations. However, uncertainty remains in relation to the Network and Information Systems (NIS) regulations.

The NIS2 directive is focused on creating robust cybersecurity in the European Union (EU) and the deadline of 17th October ‘24 is fast approaching. Although the directive does not apply directly to the UK, the UK government had previously indicated that it would implement NIS related changes. With an election currently underway the situation is now uncertain but UK companies will have time to adapt to such changes in UK law. However, UK companies that have activities in the EU need to act sooner- if only to ensure they have clear answers to corresponding queries from existing or potential clients in the European Union.

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