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Our bots are coming for your bots!

Updated: Apr 17

Cookie compliance is one of the areas that the Information Commissioner's Office is focusing its resources on currently. In November last year they checked the UK’s top 100 websites and 53 of the companies were then contacted to make changes or face enforcement action. 

The ICO stated in January that they were going to continue checking more websites and where organisations continue to ignore the law, they can expect to face the consequences. The ICO is also currently developing in AI solution to accelerate its efforts in relation to cookie compliance. Information Commissioner John Edwards highlighted this again at the IAPP - International Association of Privacy Professionals Data Protection Intensive UK on 28th February and ended his comments on this topic with “our bots are coming for your bots!”

53% of the UK’s top websites is a very high level of non compliance and it seems certain that the situation is much worse with lower profile websites. So it appears there is much work to be done by UK businesses and beyond!

Further details are available on the ICO website here.

If you need any help with cookie compliance or other privacy matters please get in touch with us at ASSUREMORE or with Roy Verhoeven at our Dutch partners Vivenics.

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