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AI – the ICO has issued a warning shot to industry.

The ICO recently concluded its investigation into Snap, Inc’s launch of the ‘My AI’ chatbot, having previously issued a Preliminary Enforcement Notice back in October 2023.

The ICO has indicated that it is satisfied that Snap has now undertaken a risk assessment relating to ‘My AI’ that is compliant with data protection law but it will continue to monitor the rollout of ‘My AI’ and how emerging risks are addressed.

More generally, Stephen Almond, ICO Executive Director of Regulatory Risk stated that their investigation into ‘My AI’ should act as a warning shot for industry. He went on to say that they would “use the full range of our enforcement powers – including fines – to protect the public from harm

The ICO has made it clear that organisations developing or using generative AI must consider data protection from the outset, including rigorously assessing and mitigating risks to people’s rights and freedoms before bringing products to market.

With generative AI becoming an increased focus for the ICO, related organisations that do not have robust risk management procedures in place should act now.

If you need any help with managing data protecion risks or other privacy matters please get in touch with us at ASSUREMORE

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